Saturday, March 11, 2006


This is a forum for discussion of current issues in engineering ethics and current events that have an engineering ethics angle. Historian of technology Henry Petroski has said that engineers often learn more from failures than from successes. My hope for this forum is that it will serve as a rapid way for knowledgeable people to exchange factual information and insights about matters such as:

--- Consumer safety issues
--- Disasters and accidents involving engineered products or systems
--- Hazards that need attention drawn to them
--- Official statements concerning controversial issues that involve engineering ethics
--- Ways engineers can learn from past mistakes and problems

Each week I plan to post a brief commentary on a news item related to engineering ethics. I invite you, the reader, to respond, especially if you have technical or other knowledge that will add to public understanding of the issue at hand. If readership allows, I may add other features such as ongoing discussion threads and an FAQ section. This forum will be successful if it attracts the attention of thoughtful, knowledgeable individuals who can contribute to the better understanding of how engineers can do the right thing, as well as how they can do things right.

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  1. Nice Work ...thanks for bringing the real life ethics on to the web.