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1.  Sites Related to Engineering Ethics

These sites relate to engineering ethics in some way, and are arranged by category.

Codes of Engineering Ethics

Most professional engineering societies have adopted codes of ethics.  The following list is not exhaustive, but includes URLs for the codes of ethics of several large U. S. and international professional engineering societies.

Civil Engineering:  ASCE Code of Ethics

Electrical Engineering: IEEE Code of Ethics (

Licensed Professional Engineers:  NSPE Code of Ethics

Software Engineering:  ACM Code of Ethics

General Engineering Ethics

Online Ethics Center for Engineering and Science (  This site is operated by the U. S. National Academy of Engineering, and has abundant resources for educators and others with a professional interest in engineering ethics.

National Society of Professional Engineers ( is the umbrella organization for licensed professional engineers (PEs) in the U. S.  They have an extensive collection of actual engineering ethics cases and other ethics resources at

Murdough Center for Engineering Professionalism ( is an operation at Texas Tech University which offers engineering ethics videos and other related educational material. 

2.  Sites that Carry Engineering Ethics Blog Excerpts

The following sites republish selected blog posts from this blog, sometimes with added features and extended discussions.

MercatorNet (  This site, based in Australia, publishes news and articles with a human-dignity slant.

Engineering Daily (  This is a web-only daily engineering magazine with a civil-engineering emphasis.

3.  Link Exchange

Various websites of many types have chosen to mention this blog on their site, and requested that I link to their site in turn.  This is where I fulfill their requests.  If a site is listed here, it means only that I have looked at the site and decided there is nothing obviously bad or harmful about it.  It is not necessarily an endorsement or recommendation in any positive sense.  I've included brief descriptions of each site for your information, and they are listed in alphabetical order by title.  I expect the list will lengthen with time.

101 Best Resources for Electrical Engineers (  Listings and descriptions of websites of interest to EEs, including this blog.  Operated by a manufacturer of membrane switches. 
Voice of Engineers (  An internationally-oriented site for job seekers and others.  Operated by a mechanical engineer in California, Ayesha Iqbal.

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